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H/Advisors Abernathy is your partner in engaging with key stakeholders on complex issues.

With strategic communications experts across disciplines and around the world, we work closely with clients to build and preserve value, seize opportunities and solve problems in today’s dynamic and interconnected world.


H/Advisors Abernathy 2024 Digital Report Reveals Fortune 100 CEOs and CFOs Increasingly Leverage Social Media to Bolster Corporate Reputation
H/Advisors Abernathy's second edition of the ‘Social in the C-Suite,’ Report underscores how Fortune 100 senior leaders are evolving their use of digital channels to build their reputation, speak on social issues and share business updates with key stakeholders. Our digital team has conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Fortune 100 CEOs' and CFOs' social media accounts to better understand their content, channel management and engagement strategies. More than 5,000 posts were analyzed across social channels, with particular focus on content published from January 1 to December 30, 2023 on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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How Loud Is Loud Enough
How loud is loud enough: calibrating corporate engagement in a volatile election
In a year like no other, companies should expect hard conversations, tough choices and controversy. Given the magnitude of the issues and the reputational risks of miscalculating, planning ahead and calibrating based on the specific needs of the business and its stakeholders is key.
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Investor Day Imperatives
Beyond the Numbers: Investor Day Imperatives
A well-planned and well-executed investor day can be one of the most impactful ways for a company to articulate its growth strategy and financial targets to the investment community. While not a requirement, most investors now consider it “best practice” to host one investor event at least every other year. Given the significant amount of time, effort and resources required to successfully execute an investor day, every company should think critically about the event’s purpose, desired outcome, and logistics.
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PE Leaks and What They Mean for You
Private Equity (PE) transactions tend to draw a lot of attention (sometimes even before they are publicly announced), and we have seen scrutiny of the asset class only increase in recent months. H/Advisors Abernathy’s most recent M&A Leaks Report affirms the intensity of the spotlight on PE.
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Tom Johnson Alt 445

Tom Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Johnson is Chief Executive Officer of H/Advisors Abernathy, where he is leading a growth strategy rooted in the firm’s powerful heritage as a trusted partner to leading organizations and executives in their most critical moments.

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Carina Davidson 960X722

Carina Davidson


Carina Davidson serves as H/Advisors Abernathy’s President, based in the firm's New York office. Carina counsels companies of all sizes across a broad range of sectors on complex communications matters. She has significant expertise helping clients manage their reputations and develop strategies to reach their core audiences.

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Peter Lee 445

Peter Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Lee is the Chief Financial Officer of H/Advisors Abernathy, where he is responsible for all of the firm’s financial functions, including accounting, financial planning, forecasting, client accounting and various financial analyses and reporting. He also oversees and manages the firm’s information technology. His career spans more than 25 years of experience in financial management, business leadership and corporate strategy in various industries, including strategic communications, marketing and advertising, manufacturing, banking and logistics.

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Chuck Dohrenwend 445

Chuck Dohrenwend

Managing Director

Chuck Dohrenwend primarily works with private equity investment professionals and portfolio company leadership teams to optimize their investment and value-creation strategies through strategic communications. He collaborates with executive and communications teams to develop and implement highly effective communications programs for a range of stakeholders, primarily during pivotal events such as mergers and acquisitions, leadership transitions, crises, restructurings, investments and divestments. He also works with publicly traded companies on M&A, crisis management, restructurings and executive transitions. Additionally, Chuck is a member of H/Advisors Abernathy’s Leadership Team and helps ensure that the firm’s operations and teams align with the firm’s client-centric growth strategy.​​

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Sydney Isaacs 445

Sydney Isaacs

Managing Director, Head of Houston Office

Sydney Isaacs provides strategic communications counsel to companies during times of change, including mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, crises and activist shareholder engagements. Sydney’s work supports companies’ valuations and reputations through a combination of financial communications and PR strategies. She has particularly deep experience advising companies across the energy sector, providing support to clients on communications related to their diverse efforts to participate in and respond to the energy transition. ​

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Kate Schneiderman 445

Kate Schneiderman

Managing Director, Chief of Staff

Kate Schneiderman is a member of H/Advisors Abernathy’s Leadership Team and serves as a Managing Director and Chief of Staff to the CEO and President. As Chief of Staff, she plays a leading role in developing and implementing the firm’s growth strategy.

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