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Crisis Communications, Investor Relations, Issues Management

A Balancing Act: How to Make a Planned Strategic Announcement in the Wake of a Crisis

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Perspectives, Private Equity

The Sky Isn’t Falling - Communications tips that will help private equity navigate these challenging times

It’s no secret that these are challenging times for private equity firms. As if “higher for longer” interest rates and still-tight lending standards weren’t enough, sponsors also have to contend with heightened political scrutiny, increasingly aggressive and litigious regulators, and a generally volatile geopolitical and macroeconomic environment. What’s a private equity firm to do? First, recognize that the sky isn’t falling and, while yes, the current environment is challenging, there are steps sponsor firms can take to communicate more effectively and manage their risks.

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Perspectives, Public Affairs

In an unusual season of anxiety and uncertainty, companies need to focus on the long game

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Digital Strategy, Perspectives

Leveraging Data to Enhance Communications Strategies in Real Time

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Top Ways Ceos Use Social Media

Top Ways CEOs Use Social Media to Manage Their Reputation

For many C-Suite executives, joining a social network can be intimidating. Uncertainty around what platforms to choose, how often to post or what to share can often deter C-Suite executives from building their digital profiles.  However, as described in our H/Advisors Abernathy Social in The C Suite Report, savvy Fortune 100 CEOs overcome those challenges by building a robust, polished and defining digital presence.

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