Upc Mar2023 Web

More Than the Sum of Its Parts: Board Members as Communicators in the Age of the Universal Proxy Card

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Cagny Feb 2023

Dispatch from the Sunshine State: ESG at CAGNY

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Coyote Feb 2023

Learning from Wile E. Coyote: Communications Strategies to Prevent the Multidistrict Litigation Timebomb from Going Off in Your Hands

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Guidance Website

Revisiting Guidance: Ten Considerations to Keep in Mind in Today’s Uncertain Environment

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Deals 2022 937

H/Advisors News

H/Advisors Abernathy Releases 2022 M&A Leaks Report

H/Advisors Abernathy’s third annual leaks report takes an in-depth look at North American M&A, compiled from our proprietary database of information analyzing more than 500 announced M&A transactions.

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