Perspectives, Public Affairs

In an unusual season of anxiety and uncertainty, companies need to focus on the long game

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Digital Strategy, Perspectives

Leveraging Data to Enhance Communications Strategies in Real Time

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Top Ways Ceos Use Social Media


Top Ways CEOs Use Social Media to Manage Their Reputation

For many C-Suite executives, joining a social network can be intimidating. Uncertainty around what platforms to choose, how often to post or what to share can often deter C-Suite executives from building their digital profiles.  However, as described in our H/Advisors Abernathy Social in The C Suite Report, savvy Fortune 100 CEOs overcome those challenges by building a robust, polished and defining digital presence.

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Proxy Season Review

Financial Communications, Investor Relations, Perspectives, Shareholder Activism

2023 Proxy Season Review: Evolving Activist Tactics and New Regulations Shaping Shareholder Activism

With 2023’s proxy season concluded, H/Advisors Abernathy’s shareholder activism, proxy insights and ESG advisory teams review a season that may have seemed more placid on the surface than expected, with a lower level of public activism than in recent years.

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Deal Comms Antitrust Aug 2023

Antitrust, Dealmaking, Financial Communications, Perspectives

Effective Deal Communications in an Unprecedented Antitrust Environment

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